Westlake, TX Wedding Photographer – Claire & Matt’s Gorgeous Engagement Session

I have never been a morning person. Growing up I can remember my mother coming into my bedroom and yanking the covers off of me, opening the curtains, singing silly songs, blaring the radio, and/or yelling for me to GET UP several times each morning. It has always been a joke in my family that I am just like my Grandmother, who is always fashionably late and ticks to her own clock. I require at least half of a pot of coffee to properly function in the mornings and the snooze button has always been my best friend.

All of this changed about me about 3 years ago when I shot my very first SUNRISE session on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Since that brisk morning I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of Sunrise shoots. THE LIGHT IS AMAZING! Every time I have a client willing to make the extra effort to get up early and meet me at the crack of dawn the shoot is always EPIC.

Claire & Matt’s met me at a gorgeous estate in Westlake, TX for their engagement session. Claire wore the perfect blush maxi dress paired with a statement necklace, and a cute belt. I loved this dress so much that I had to go out and get one for myself and I can’t wait to wear it for my own family photos in a few weeks.:)I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I LOVED taking them. If you are brave enough to get up a little early and beat the Texas heat I would LOVE to take amazing photos for you as well.:)

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Puerto Rico Vacation!!

This little guy is my whole world. Seeing him experience new things daily brings so much joy to my life. Last week we went to Puerto Rico to visit family and we had the greatest time. These are some of my favorite pictures of Case that I have ever taken. How can you not smile when seeing this little cutie play on the beach for the first time. I’m so glad that I got to spend a few days in paradise with my Dad, baby, and the rest of the family.

BackRoad Photography Case Psalms 33Case in Puerto Rico-1Case in Puerto Rico-2
Case in Puerto Rico-3I do offer special discounts for destination wedding photography if you are getting married in Puerto Rico. I love every chance I get to spend time with my family that I rarely get to see there. Please message me for more details.

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